hacienda santa cruz

In 1640, the Hacienda Santa Cruz was originally a Franciscan monastery. Over the years, it became a plantation, and during the peak period of the “Green Gold” in Yucatan, it became a henequen plantation. Recently restored and converted into a luxury hotel, it retains an antique style, full of history and tradition.

Hacienda Santa Cruz retains the original distribution of its buildings, where you can distinguish the old monastery, the machinery room and the beautiful chapel. Entering its architecture is to make a trip back in time to Mexico from our roots.

An enchanting roundabout, surrounded by a spectacular garden, flamboyants, golden shower trees, local pich trees, orange trees and palm trees, leads you to the reception area of the Hacienda, where you will be welcomed with a smile. You will find in this grand hotel various buildings with a colonial architecture, representing different time periods: the 17th-century Franciscan monastery and later, at the end of the 19th century, vestiges of a henequen plantation when henequen was considered the “green gold of Yucatan”.

The rooms, each one with a different style, are distributed around a large garden. A tub, a terrace, a patio, or a private garden makes them exceptional and unique. You may choose between the Master Suites that are situated in what was once the monastery of the Hacienda, the Junior Suites, ideal for small families, for being comfortable for three guests and located near the chapel, which adds some privacy, and the Deluxe Double Rooms, ideal for newly weds, with a beautiful terrace. Near the rooms, the hotel has two heated pool. One next to the restaurant Valentina and the other one close to the chapel.


Our artificial cenote is a comfortable, fresh and relaxing space to enjoy with the family, with a depth of approximately 4 meters. Surrounded by pergolas, lounge chairs, hammocks and 2 palapas.

We have 10 bicycles for exclusive use within the facilities for guests and visitors. You will find a small bicycle path of approximately 900 meters to work out in the mornings or afternoons either for jogging, running or using bicycles.


The Valentina Restaurant, undoubtedly a magical place for its location within a colonial site, is situated on the terrace of the old machinery room, overlooking beautiful gardens and lush trees.

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